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All registration should be accompanied by a payment representing 36% of the total amount. Receipt of this amount indicates the acceptance of the reservation if the availability permits. In case of acceptance, a payment of the remaining amount should be at the start of the trip.

Online Payments with Visa: The payments with visa are subject to add a comission of 8.7% for using this service; this quantity is not refundable. When you make a transaction you will need to send us the transaction number or the document.


If the client has to cancel the trip the sum will be reimbursed subject to the following conditions:
If the cancellation took place :

  • More than 40 days before departure : the total sum will be reimbursed

  • From 20-40 days before departure : 50% will be retained (due to payment of certain services such as hotel accommodation and transport etc.)

  • Less than 20 days before departure : 100 % of the total amount will be retained.


Personal Travel insurance is compulsory (for medical assistance and repatriation). If you pay for your flight by VISA card your travel insurance should be covered, but we recommend that you speak to your bank to conform this. If you do not wish to take out travel insurance you are obliged to inform Perou Voyage and sign a form absolving them of responsibility.


Perou Voyage does not accept responsibility for each individual with respect to following rules and regulations concerning passports and vaccines. Police, customs and health formalities must be conformed to at all times on the trip.

Perou Voyage is not responsible in case of delay or inability for individual to produce the necessary documents in order. In the event of a problem concerning the aforementioned the client is liable for all expenses incurred. If the trip is interrupted or cut short by the client there will be no reimbursement of fees at all.


Each participant is conscious that, due to the nature of the trips that we organise, certain risks are run, in particular the distance from medical centres, the state of the roads, the adventurous aspect of certain trips, notably the high mountains, the journeys, expeditions by car overland. It is assumed that the client completely understands these risks and will not hold Perou Voyage, guides, porters or other employees responsible for any accidents that occur unexpectedly. If circumstances impose, in particular to assure the well being of the whole group, but also in the case of unforeseen events such as weather conditions, Perou Voyage reserves the right directly or through an intermediary accompanying the group to substitute accommodation, transport, or departure times, without claim by any participant for indemnity.
Each participant must conform to rules of prudence and follow directions given by the accompanying guide or other intermediary of Perou Voyage. Perou Voyage cannot be held responsible for the imprudence of a member of the group. Perou Voyage reserves the right to expel from the group any individual whose behaviour is considered to put the security or well being of other participants in danger without any indemnity due.


Your luggage is permanently your responsibility. Do not trust your guide or other person accompanying the group to look after it. It is not materially possible for this task to be performed.


If your trip is changed due to a problem in air traffic we cannot be held responsible. Fees that result from these changes will be your responsibility.


Major Events
In the event of circumstances that disturb the normal working of the country (e.g. political and social problems, natural disasters), Perou Voyage reserves the right to cancel the trip or to modify the content. In case of cancellation, the amount that corresponds to the pre-payment of the trip shall be retained. In case of a change in the trip, a new estimate of costs will be given.




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